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Changing The World One Sequin At A Time

We all know that clothes not diamonds are a girl’s best friend in the real world. They're the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we do at night, we touch, sparkle, swirl, take pictures , dress up, dress down, we have fun, we make memories, we remember memories, we always want more, we save for more, we buy more, we have new favourites, we clear out the old (and then wish we didn't when they come back in fashion) we feel like a million dollars in our newest dress and that's the whole point.
I have recently been exploring ASOS Marketplace and came across the sweetest little boutique. It’s called Iboo, some of the items are vintage but some are just vintage inspired. I really enjoyed looking at all of the garments on the website, the dresses and bloused are very pretty, some are very simplistic in their design but feature one section of heavy embellishment. When designing myself, I have found myself to always be very interested and inspired by embellishments.
I wanted to find out more about this delightful burst of fashion so decided to send an e-mail over ASOS Marketplace. In my email I asked questions. I soon received a reply from a lovely lady named Issy whom was most helpful to me and gave me lots of greatly appreciated advice which I will definitely take on board.

AD206 Negotiated Project
Little Black Dress.

AD205, Final Major Project

I will produce my own brief for my final major project, this is a good opportunity for me to use my strengths and really work on these. I am required to produce a shop report, it is necessary that this is carried out in more than one city, so I will have to have a good think about where will be most relevant. I need to choose a market level for the collection I will design, follow a critical path which will help me with my time scale and planning and keep everything in order.
I will choose my theme, complete design development work and line-ups, source a fabric file including a range of different fabrics I have considered, and design my own capsule collection, of which I will design and make at least one outfit.

The theme I have chosen is Romantic Whites/Romantic Lace Embrace. I have chosen the high end of the high street as my market level and will face competitors such as Reiss, Jigsaw, Karen Millen and Maline Birger. I would really like to make a playsuit or a blouse and shorts that could look like an all in one.
Computer Aided Design.

CAD makes it possible for companies to produce garments using electronic means, instead of using old-fashioned paper and cardboard patterns and blocks. This means that garments can be mass produced, so that productivity is at its maximum.  As CAD is also stored on discs, they are easier to store than paper and cardboard patterns and blocks. This is an advantage in the twenty-first century, when the cost of factory space is so high. These storage discs can also be copied and stored in fire-proof safes, so guaranteeing their safety. Paper and cardboard patterns and blocks could be destroyed in a fire and the cost, both for the designer and the manufacturer would be disastrous.


Spec Drawings

During this project I was very good at staying on target with my schedule, I kept a weekly diary of my progress which helped me to keep on track. I was very pleased with how my spec drawings turned out, I am extremely pleased with my grade as I know how difficult I found illustrator at first. After only a few sessions I was able to understand illustrator and use all of the necessary tools correctly. I am happy with the standard of work I completed, both spec drawings and written work.

I was not particularly comfortable with using illustrator when I began the project which instantly put me off the project. After a few more sessions I became a lot more comfortable with the programme and started to enjoy using it, by the end I found I was able to use all of the tools I needed with confidence and I’m happy with the way my final spec drawings turned out.